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Family time makes holidays special so discover fun days out that everyone will enjoy...

What do you want to do today? Let your little ones' imagination run wild or let off some steam? There is always something to do....
Castelnaud Castle is every child's dream. Set high up on a hilltop with stunning views over the Dordogne valley, this is Southern's France most visited castle. Children will love the armour, traps, catapaults and spectacular re-enactment shows featuring medieval weapons.
Imagine being a princess for a day and visiting a fairy-tale castle. You can even imagine Sleeping Beauty living in one of the turrets. The Dordogne is known as "the land of 1001 chateaux" as it is full of the prettiest chateaux with beautiful architecture and look as if they've come straight out of a story book. Some chateaux also have falconry shows featuring American bald eagles, summer evening shows and classical music concerts, so there is something for everyone.

Canoe along the most beautiful stretch of the Vézère River, a shallow river which makes it ideal for families with young children. You will see stunning scenery, passing through prehistoric sights of natural beauty and beautiful chateaux. Park at La Roque Gageac and canoe or kayak at your leisure and perhaps stop off for some lunch or for a swim in the clear, shallow water. A bus will pick you up at various points and take you back to your car. A fun day out for the whole family.
Experience a fun day outdoors on a rope course adventure suspended in the trees within 4 hectares of forest, with several levels of varied courses. Have fun with over 90 games hanging in the trees and ten zip lines, including one 200m long. As children from just 4 years old can join in the fun, this is ideal for the whole family and only 15km away.

This Equestrian Centre is set in 60 hectares of meadows and woods and welcomes riders of all ages and all levels. Previous guests have enjoyed a day of pony trekking for the whole family, passing through beautiful scenery. You are led by instructors that can speak English and even give you a tour guide of the area as you ride. A wonderful way to admire the views of the Dordogne countryside.
Become a race car driver for a day where you and your family can enjoy an exciting and thrilling time driving around a racetrack in the countryside. There is a 900m track and is ideal for beginners as well as advanced go-kart enthusiasts with karts designed for adults as well as children from 7 years old onwards.
Even though you are surrounded by countryside, there are lots of lakes around with sandy beaches. Beautiful white sand and clear water, ideal for sunbathing and swimming, and some even have inflatable playgrounds on water, with life jackets included. Sitting on the sand, looking out at the water surrounded by pine forests, it is hard to imagine that you deep in the Dordogne countryside.
Discover caves that took a thousand years to form and were formed 150 million years ago, in the Jurassic period... vast underground cities with giant stalagmites and fragile stalactites.
Ever wondered what it was like being a caveman? Experience life 20,000 years ago and learn the trades of cavemen and how they lived with around 100 people and animals to make it more realistic for little ones. Ever seen a prehistoric cave and castle in a cliff? There is only one of its kind still intact today...
Spend a day at the coast and climb up the tallest sand dune in Europe, 107m high. At the top you can admire the spectacular views of the Atlantic Coast on one side and the pine forests on the other. On a clear day you can even see The Pyrenees Mountain Range.
There are lots of things to do at Gites Boutique, without the need of getting into your car....
table tennis, badminton, football, cycling, the "Kids' Boutique" teepee, fun nature trail and scavenger hunt, and of course swimming...

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